A day in the life of HUD Secretary Julián Castro

Julin Castro is running for president. The former Housing and Urban Development secretary, a Democrat, announced his bid for the presidency on Saturday in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas.

Although the staffs were all well-informed, and represented their offices well, there is something more impressive with meeting face to face with the Congressman. It was an honor to meet with Congressman Walker on my Day in the Life of a One-Day Lobbyist. P.S.

Read HUD Secretary Julin Castro’s Keynote Address.. He is the creator of 53 Million and One, a one of a kind, theatrical presentation that chronicles the true life story of Jerry Ascencio, and his journey from immigrant to successful real estate entrepreneur.

A campaign day in the life of Barbie Scharf-Zeldes. Top Row:. Pct 2 Commissioner Paul Elizondo, current commissioner pct. 2 Justin Rodriguez Presidential candidate for 2020 former HUD Secretary Julian Castro & singer Chubby Checker & more are posted. We cover everybody anywhere.

HUD Secretary Julian Castro violates U.S. law in his endorsement of Clinton. said in a report sent Monday to President Barack Obama that Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro.

Date: Program: Source: Summary: 5/10/19: PIH: Federal Register: Housing and community development act of 1980: Verification of Eligible Status: This proposed rule would make two changes to HUD’s regulations implementing section 214 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1980, as amended (Section 214).Section 214 prohibits the Secretary of HUD from making financial assistance.

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 · Julian Castro, a Texas Democrat and former Obama Cabinet member, announces 2020 bid for president. Julian Castro, a former Obama cabinet member and San Antonio mayor, officially threw his hat in.

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Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro made his case for president in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Thursday. Castro said the "experiences" he has had in life as well as being a mayor and.

We Were Worried About Ben Carson Being HUD Secretary??? – A Day in the Life of the Universe. We Were Worried About Ben Carson Being HUD Secretary??? Remember That Time We Were Worried About Ben Carson Being HUD Secretary? We Were Right. Low-income people and LGBT people are already paying the price.. Julin Castro, the former mayor of San.