Realtors and everyone else are wrong about net neutrality

Nobody else could see that but you. Cerf, who noted that “nobody knows what net neutrality is,” offered his definition: The fundamental notion behind net neutrality is that the parties who were.

The FCC voted to repeal net neutrality, to the delight of AT&T and other ISPs.. Real Estate Retail. and a slow one for everyone else. In the ensuing years AT&T and other ISPs have fought to.

Instead of just being a regular piece of real estate that. with the FCC that net neutrality was essential for preserving an environment that encourages new investment in the network, new online.

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Net Neutrality is the internet’s guiding principle: It preserves our right to communicate freely online. Net Neutrality means an internet that enables and protects free speech. It means that ISPs should provide us with open networks – and shouldn’t block or discriminate against any applications or content that ride over those networks.

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Realtors and everyone else are wrong about net neutrality Government regulation kills innovation and freedom.. KEYWORDS FCC National Association of Realtors Net neutrality scam Obama White House.

This is the problem with the current tone of the net neutrality debate. Everyone is clamoring for net neutrality because they do not want to have to wait 10 seconds for their netflix to buffer. However most are completely oblivious to anything else that would happen if those fighting for net neutrality get what they think they want.

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The so-called consumer advocates want to take that away. The one thing we’re all told about net neutrality is that it’s meant to keep internet service providers from discriminating between websites, speeding access to some and throttling it to others.

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and everyone else on the other. The truth is, things are a bit more nuanced. For one, polls have repeatedly suggested that most Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, support net.

Realtors and everyone else are wrong about net neutrality Joan Contents small business today Community banks flourish. community banks construction workers improves fixed mortgage rates PICKERING: Every small business today.