What a Trump administration means for real estate

President-elect Donald Trump started his career in real estate. His father was a real estate tycoon, and he has made a fortune building or licensing his name to luxury condominiums, hotels and.

Donald Trump’s trade war has helped bring it closer. The discount effect has pushed up asset prices everywhere: real.

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Court Blocks President Trump’s Attempt To limit asylum seekersa. 8 hours ago Amazon Enters Local Real Estate.

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With Johnson at the helm, Trump is looking to “strengthen the special relationship between our two countries,” a senior.

Donald Trump, the real estate tycoon, will be our nation’s 45th president. That’s good news for the housing industry, right? Well, there’s a lot to consider.

(It’s the same technique he’s used to sell real estate for years.) In the midst of his spiel about all the ways "we" would make America great again, Trump tossed in this passage about.

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Jack McCabe, a south florida real estate analyst. The country was likely heading into a recession in 2017 no matter who was elected, but the uncertainty of a Trump presidency will accelerate it, McCabe said. In South Florida, the implications of a Trump presidency will likely be most hard-felt among foreign buyers,

President Donald Trump's sweeping plan to shrink the government could have a very real impact on the housing market, particularly for lower-.

Porter has targeted top trump administration officials. She used the term REO — which stands for real estate-owned, and.

Now, a misguided proposal from the Trump administration could make homelessness even worse. that mixed-status households.

And that fall, he received a $1,000 campaign check (the legal maximum at the time) from one prolific political donor:.

The Trump administration is proving in the short time of its office, that. What does this mean for you when it comes to real estate investing?

How Trump Transition May Affect Washington DC Real Estate Prices. Every time a new president gets elected to the Oval Office, many outside the Beltway would expect the real estate market in the Washington D.C. area to rise as staffers from the old regime depart and new arrivals for the next presidency arrive looking for housing in the area.