Student debt: Housing’s biggest roadblock?

The major issue is student debt, regardless of any other legitimate criticisms of college culture/education, this is literally the largest source of debt in America today. There is more student debt than there is real estate debt. In many ways, college has become a scam designed to.

Hospitals are adding student loan forgiveness programs. state and too little affordable housing for new workers, according.

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So, uh, not a bubble? Despite passing the big-scary-number and terrifying-narrative tests, the college debt burden just doesn’t quite analogize so well with the housing collapse.

 · A National Association of Realtors survey of adults who don’t own homes found that student loan debt is a big reason why they haven’t bought houses.

Total US household debt jumped in Q4 driven by increases in credit card debt, auto and student loans, and a Q4 surge in mortgage originations, and as of December 31, 2016, stood at $12.58 trillion. For the full year, total household debt rose by $460 billion, the biggest annual increase in a decade.

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The increasing student loan debt may turn into the next financial crisis in the U.S. Here’s why.. When the housing bubble burst and sent home prices plummeting, it set off a chain of defaults.

In the past, the Student Loan Ranger has explored and explained how student loans are taken into account when consumers apply for a mortgage. More recently, we shared some changes the Federal Housing.

 · This chart looks like a mistake, but it’s correct. Student loan debt has grown by 511% over this period. In the first quarter of 1999, just $90 billion in student loans were outstanding. As of the second quarter of 2011, that balance had ballooned to $550 billion. The chart above is striking for another reason.

. Chopra warned last year that the magnitude of student loan debt could even hold back a housing recovery. “Student-loan borrowers are sending big payments every month to their loan servicers rather.

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